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Born in Porto. Raised in V. N. Gaia. When I was a kid I would never guess that I would work with wine, even though I love to come from school and help my family to pick grapes and help them doing some homemade wine.

Could it be the many trips that I’ve done with my grandparents to Peso da Regua in Douro Valley that make me fell in love by the region? Probably yes.


And now, when I look back it’s nice to see the long way that it took… the hard work, the long trips by train between Goteborg and Stockholm, the many tasting, winemakers’ dinner, the effort that I’ve done to put Portuguese wines (especially Port wine) in the map/mind of the Swedish consumers. I wouldn’t change anything at all, because that was the only way that the work has to be done, with no short cuts.

Was it worth it? Definitely!!!

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